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Episode 60: "How Camp Impacted My Life"

Have you ever been to a camp as a student, or gone as a counselor and the experience impacted your life? Tune in to hear about Lauren and Meredith's recent camp adventures, and Amanda's and Megan's past experiences that changed their lives. Also, you will gain some fun facts and knowledge we learned during their trips that will stick with us forever. 

Episode 60: "How Camp Impacted My Life"


Episode 59: "Meet Megan!"

Soo, we have someone very special interning in our office for the media team this summer and we want you to get to know her, too! Tune in to meet Megan and learn about the amazing journey God has allowed her to embark on that brought her to us here in good ole Nashville, Tennessee. 

Episode 59: "Meet Megan!"


Episode 58: "Mer's Africa Experience"

Ever been to Africa? Tune in to hear about one of our very own G.L.A.M. girls experience on her trip to Tanzania! Listen as she shares her stories about the mission work she took part in, the fun adventures she experienced, and about the lovely people of Tanzania. 

Episode 58: "Mer's Africa Experience"


Episode 57: "Women Of The Bible"

Do you have a women in the bible that you favor or look up to? Or is there a women in the bible that has an incredible story that just amazes you? Well, this week each of us has chosen a women that we think is inspiring to us and we want to share those women with you! Tune in to hear the stories of these biblical women and find out how you can give feedback on your favorite women in the bible. 

Episode 57: "Women Of The Bible"


Episode 56: "Women In Ministry"

Are you a woman participating in ministry, or maybe a woman who would like to be apart of ministry? Tune in to our podcast to hear from a special guest about her experiences as a minister and her journey along the way. Also, you will hear insight from the GLAM team on their personal experiences with ministry and how you can play a role in ministry, too!

Episode 56: "Women In Ministry"